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the los angeles airport is full of law enforcement. >> it is going to throw air traffic at that airport and others in chaos throughout the day. >> and picking up coverage on america's news headquarters. alisyn camerota and gregg jarret. fox news report, shots are fired and they have prompted an evacuation in one of the terminals. welcome to hq. i am alisyn camerota. sdmshgs i am gregg jarret in for bill hemmer. we have shed you shots of a chopper overhead and what is going on on the ground. most of the activity in terminal three and houses a domestic airlines in the united states coming in and out and a man reportedly with a high- powered
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roifl firing shots, multiple victims and we don't know the full extent or nature of the injuries. we have showed you shotted of a tsa worker with a bloodied hand. nbreaking news from the los angeles times. one tsa agent was shot and suspect was shot. the suspect is down. it is very hard to know how many people are wounded. you can see the chaos there where terminal three was shut down and first responders are on the scene. we saw someone else wheeled out that looked more injured than the first tsa agent that was able to walk with a bloodied hand. we saw someone in a wheelchair. the la fire department has been responding and said multiple patients with injuries. >> we did see as john scott was
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pointing out. yellow and red and green tarps and the possibility of multiple injuries and those are portable triage units that are set up. a patient is put on the tarp and indicates a critical and yello not all that serious and green tarp is minor injuries. the larger picture is that lax is shut down and will be continue to be shut down effectively. and that will have ramifications in the united states. of course, los angeles is a hub for domestic and international flights. if airlines cannot arrive or take off from lax, that is going to cause disruption in the united states, people waiting for flights that will not alive. >> we heard one eyewitness account who said that when the gunshots rang out, people had to
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take cover under the seats in the terminal and then there was a stampede of people finding the exist as they were running away from the terror that was happening inside. we don't know how many people shot, joining us is rod wheeler. rod, thank you for being with us. what are you hearing about this? >> reporter: this is a very fluid swagdz right now. what my la contacts are telling me right now, the airport is on a some what lock down. no flights in or out. they have to isolate the specific situation and make sure they have everyone involved. right now is the big concern whether it was one person or maybe there were 2 or 3 more people involved with this. they don't know. it is very fluid and it is going on right now. the other thing i just heard they have not said whether or not there was any majority
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casulties, that is good news at this point. but it is fluid at this point. >> rod, you know, the airport, it looks like it is shut down completely. we are seeing officers moving around the perimeter of the u- shaped terminal area. are they semp going to have to go through every single terminal and every nook and cranny to search for possible additional suspects? >> gregg, the worry is yes. they will have to do that and the reason they have to do that, that is the protocol. if there is any good news, la police and sheriff are working with state police and they are going through everyone of those terminals right now as i speak, making sure like you said every nook and cranny no one else is hiding out and the whole incident is not related to something else. it happen just a few hours ago
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and very fluid. and the airport itself has been surrounded by the police department, no one allowed to go in or out. and every passenger, this is important. every passenger must have id present and if they are flying on the plane, they have to have the other ticket. nrod, we know it happen just after 9 o'clock a.m. on friday. busy time as people are getting out for the weekend, and so there is all sorts of chaos happening in lax. we'll go down to shepherd smith who is monitoring all of the breaking news. >> our team is working on tweets in the south lapd this afternoon. you mentioned just after nine. 9:30 pacific daylight time was the first call and this is what we confirmed. this is the red, orange and green tarps indicate triage is set up out there. we know that and at least three
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people are injured. we witnessed in the news deck an agency coming out with blood on his hands. whether it is his or someone else we don't know. entire of lax is shut down. authorities decide no planes will be in and out otherwise we would not have helicopter pictures from above. there is a mile area they don't allow helicopters without special permission and they allowed them in this afternoon since all air traffic is shut down nothing in and out of los angeles. here are things we are working on, we see the tweets from across la about how bad the injuries are and whether or not there may be fatalities. nothing on that level has been confirmed. there are also reports of, there are a number of reports that are not go the area because the authorities have not confirmed what is happening there. but multiple reports the gun men
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said to be carrying a rifle and said to be now in custody though shot in the leg according to multiple tweets from news agencies and law enforcement agencies and shot in the leg and in custody. the question that will affect our future as a nation is going to be whether he got past security. for instance was the shooter able to go through security and rifle undetected? we don't know. did he go past security in a way he is have? he may have been in the area of tickets and before you go past security screening when he brought the rifle in. that is a concern. you travel overseas in some countries, greece, you get an initial screening as you go in the airport itself. but the terminal in the beginning, here in the united states that is not common practice. can you get in the common areas
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with just about anything. is that one story? if he got past security that is another story that history tells me would affect all of our lives in a big way. we are working tweets over here ryan. what are you getting? >> and so far the la times, 20 tsa workers. >> we don't know where they were in the security gate or where? >> we are working to confirm that. >> we have seen a number of victims from the live video? >> correct. >> we don't know how severe. >> we are still working to confirm. >> ryan, thanks. it happen after 9:30 this morning that the airport was shut down almost immediately. the airport, jon scott mentioned earlier, you come in lax, it is like a big horse shoe. they are not connected per se but it is one facility.
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terminal three if memory serves is a mixture of international and national and do nestic flights. that would have created chaos. we have a number of helicopters overhead and we watched with interest as the situation outside has been very, very organized. there is not a scene of chaos that we have seen from the outside. we have seen armed authorities wandering about. but there is no sense of panic there. what we are not seeing is inside. airlines included in the particular terminal are albegana and frontier, and allegeiant air and jetblue and spirit and virgin america and virgin australia. that would be some of the overseas routes. la fire tells fox news they are responding to assist with multiple injuries and that's the extent of what we have gotten
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from the la fire department this afternoon. public information spokes men are working to get all of the information together and last thing they want to do is introduce to us information that is not true. authorities are a bit on the move with weapons drawn, it is our understanding, that the situation has been stabilized because the gunman is in custody and wounded. but the officers are clearly acting, that was not a defensive mode. weapons drawn and one man had a weapon out. i don't know what that will suggest. i will let the live pictures speak for themselves. when authorities are convinced and assured and higher ups told them everything is fine now and the person causing potential trouble is no longer able to do so, this stance in an aggressive mode with guns out is abandoned. if you don't think there is danger why would the officer
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have their gun drawn and you want to create an atmosphere of calm and not those who have been traumatized might think that something else is coming. to me, when authorities still have beguns drawn and appear to be ready, there may be an indication that there is some other threat. i can tell you, we have no information to suggest that just the live feed that history tells me is out of the ordinary. i know we are monitoring tweets here. for those joining us. there has been a shooting in the los angeles international airport and left a number of people injured. the official number is not confirmed. one tsa injured and another person was taken. >> nothing new is confirmed and seeing that maybe new york aviation bureau might be a lot of the passengers rescreened in lax, traveling to other airports and it is chaotic now.
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>> before they reopen the airport, everyone will have to be rescreened and bill rider from fox sports tweeted earlier, the first thing, i hid under the bench thinking i was going to die was calm and said call my wife and tell her i loved her and our kids. what a day. he's on the line with us right now. >> i am, hi, shepherd. >> what happened? >> i was sitting there and starting a early morning flight and little tired and first there was screaming and people running toward me. i was in the end of the terminal and followed by gunshots. it is hard to know how many. people were crying and diving under the benches. and i did the same thing. none of us fit under that and it was a futil attempt. and more gunshots and i called my wife as you described on the air to tell her good by and tell her i loved her and my kids and
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someone asked me to get off of the phone and be quiet. a short time later, we pushed our way through an exit door and ran on to the tarm ac. a man with the stroller and child walking the middle of the tarm ac. and he wanted to get his child away from the bullets. >> bill rider from fox sports in los angeles and you were in the terminal where this happen and you existed out on to the tarmac? >> yes, i was out on the tarmac, i don't know 10 or 40 minutes. it was you know, my instinct was to get as far away from the shooting as possible as well we were asked to come back and it was a chaotic scene. people filing out of the exit doors and trying to get away from something. it so manied pretty clear with
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the fear and screaming and gunfire that something awful was going on in the terminal. >> you tweeted photos, may we use those on the air? >> absolutely. >> do you have direct knowledge of who ever the shooter is got past security screening area? >> i don't know. the people, we were taken to a different terminal and a few people claimed to have seen what went on. one person saw the person emerge from ticketing and another person saw a red light on him or near him. and other than that it was a chaotic and uncertain scene. >> we are looking at the picture from the tarm ac. that must have been a surreal feeling to be escaping gunfire on an active tarm ac. >> it was the safest place i felt in my inn tire life.
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none of us belonged there. and we felt safer. in those moments under the bench. and i am sure it was true for everyone. i felt like i was going to die and like a columnboin moment. and i don't know what is happening, but it felt like -- it was not where the shooters were. >> and bill, i am looking at the pictures from the tarm acand dozens of the people from the photoyou tweeted. >> it had to be hundreds. hundreds of people and i wish i had take know better shots. 10 or 12 buses filled up and moved people long and could have been more. it was one of those moments you didn't know what is going o. and heard people coming toward you and a shooter behind them. it was not a great moment. i began to run.
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and there was a stop and controlled myself and obviously not run over a 3 or 4 child. and some people could control themselves and obviously some couldn't. >> bill rider, your cell photocopy broke up. what were you saying? >> bill rider from fox sports. give us a shout back. we would like to hear from you again. incredible eyewitness testimony of what it was like there. imagine you are probably there at 8 o'clock in the morning for a 9:30 flight and all of the sudden, there is chaos. bill didn't hear the gunfire and others did and certainly saw the chaos and ended up on the tarmac. we are left without knowledge of whether this person got through security. it is sounding like everything we are sounding on the news deck it sounds more and more like he did. but the fact of the matter early reports are inaccurate. i dwell on this. it is going to affect all of our
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lives. there is a scene of chaos in a major international airport shut down because of a gunman who got up in fired up the place. that we know. we know one person was injured and the gunman was shot in the leg according to information specialist on the news desk and he is in custody. we have since seen authorities at one point, stance where we wonder ared if they were considering if there were still trouble in the area. this is triage area where people are treated and the fire department in the yellow and police department and it appears a patient being treated here and this is going on for an hour or half or so. it is an hour and 45 minutes and still the tr set up. my understanding, dozens and dozens of ambulances have made their way and our man adam houseley is there now. what are you getting? >> i am 50 yards from the north
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runway overlooking terminal three. one thing we can talk about. you don't necessarily have to get through security to get to the term nam. the ticketing gate is in a lower level and they have stairs and a stairway. and elevators to go up to the second level and you go through security. he may not have gone through security. that is still yet to be determined. lax is mostly shut down but there are planes lapding, southwest jet just landed right here on the north runway that is adjacent to terminal three. we have to assume they were okayed to land. i will say that there is a significant police presence all around lax. for those who know the area. century boulevard is shut down. and also, some of the areas as i am walking are shut down. there is a line of buses out here. there is a line that goes to the
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access way and the airport is shaped like a horse shoe and you come in so to speak and a number of buses are lined up and traffic lined in every direction for as far as you can see. the lax police helicopter is just in front of me and only a couple of hundred of yards and right by a hawaiian jet that is circle negligent end of terminal two and comes out from the horse shoe shape. they are not directly connected and 1, 2, and 3 are on one side and the bottom of the horse shoe and 4, 5 and 6 are on the other side. if something independent terminal three, it would not necessarily connect to the other terminals because you have to walk to get them. shepherd, more mother-in-law
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vehicles. we can't drive nor this area and the presence is strong here. i was told by law enforcement as we suspected there were multiple people shot. they are saying don't tell that 10 or 11. but 1 or 2. and they have people going through to make sure everything is safe and secure. the airport is run guy lax pd. they are on tactical alert and federal agents are here. >> we have multiple reports from the southland. and i think the reporting is that you are right. two people were shot. if there are more we don't know about them. we know a number of people were injured because of the triage in the ground of lax. but in all of this chaos they may have been hurt in an effort to exit the place. it was jam-packed this morning. friday morning, take the friday
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off and take a long weekend, this terminal three with lower cost domestic airlines can be chaotic on the best of days and a man shooting things up worse. it is possible that you could have twisted an aifrngle or fallen down. one person shot believed to be a tsa agent and the gunman shot in the leg. no, it is my understanding that no flights are taking off at lax. adam mentioned there was a couple of landings, we have it confirmed and sounds like no one will take off from this airport at very least until they rescreen everyone. as you know from hearing from our friend at fox sports. people exit out in the tarmac that is a break of security. everyone has to be rescreened
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and there are going to be massive delays for the airlines on the west coast and probably east coast routes out of lax. this is going to snarl air traffic facility in ways that we are accustomed to in the past. a patient being treated. whether this person is shot i have no way to know. i can see the left leg of his pants is opened and appear to be treating him and looks like there might be blood there and no way to know for sure of course. but this person appears to be in pain and now was taken away in the video. look at this over here. century boulevard that leads to
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and from los angeles international airport, has been, they put road blocks up and people heading to lax and don't know about this can be diverted from the airport. what they are trying to do is get all of the ground traffic and car traffic away from lax and so emergency vehicles can get in and out. and so rather than letting people come to the airport and find out they can't go anywhere. los angeles international airport police department and la pd is stopping people and that is causing a enormous traffic back up. transportation security administration just cop firmed our report that one transportation security agent was shot. s tsa confirms it. and here is the questions for tsa and folks here on the news desk are attempting to get an answer.
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was this tsa agent shot while the agent male or female was working to keep the gunman from getting into the terminal or past security or had this manmade it past security or might the tsa agent been in an area prior to a security check? we don't have answers. and you can see a lot of ambulances are lined up. adam mentioned two. a number of people waiting for neme the triage station. and we have just had one person. fox 11 new system the flag ship station in the west coast and they are covering it live. >> all traffic in and out of lax and that surrounding area is a mess. >> speaking of the traffic. tony what are we seeing here? >> i am wondering if we are seeing a lot of you know, that looks like. this is right as you enter into
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the airport why you have so many people there i don't know. >> tony talking there now. and one of the correspondents are on the ground. >> reporter: at the airport, just a ton of security out there. everything at a stand still right now and as far as century boulevard, that is still shut down. if you don't need to be in the area stay away. it is a traffic nightmare out there. and again four where are five, everything is come to a stop. you will want to take the side street or in the immediately area of the airport is going to be closed. kttv and a tech tock for you. this began, first planes on the
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lax were on ground stop 10:18 this morning and that was official. ten minutes ago. the los angeles police department is on city wide tactical alert, this is from a reporting from the los angeles times newspaper and website only two people were injured and suspect was in custody. two people injured. transportation security agent. that was shot and the gunman himself. and this man was seen armed with a roifl and opened fire leaving several people wounded. law enforcement officers flooding the airport and terminals 2 and 3 are evacuated. i have these terminals for you. i mentioned that lax is a horse shoe. and pacific coast highway. and you come in lax, this is the lay out of it.
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one big horse shoe with runways on either side. this is terminal three. terminal two that is now evacuated and terminal three where all of this happen. i will bring it in a bigger look there. we have seen the shot from friends from fox sports. this is the terminal. it has ten or so gates there. and this google earth picture was taken. there were jets around it and it was shut down and here in terminal three where we have word of hundreds of people who left the terminal and come out of the door and come out on the tarmac and they were bussed away. here is the rest of lax. that is terminals 2 and 3 and worldwide a long here and other terminals 4, 5, and 6. and i believe there is a terminal seven. all television is not shut down and no traffic taking off and
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live pictures as i counted 20 la police cars here and this looks like it may be a police and media staging ground and a lot of cops on the world way. we'll get to the phone now and tom blank, former deputy administrator of the transportation security administration live with us on the phone. nnice to be with you. >> where is your sense of where we are in the crisis? >> it may look chaotic. >> it lookings organized on the outside to me. >> that's the point i was going to make. following 9/11, 1 of the key changes that was put in place, each major commercial airport was assigned a high level federal security director with a military background or someone with a strong police or law enforcement background and they put in place airport security programs that would think about every scenario that is out there
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and work carefully with the airport and work carefully with law enforcement. >> tom, excuse me just a minute. you can see. i want to point out to the viewers. they are going vehicle to vehicle guns drawn i assume to make sure there is no threat of any kind. this is erring on the side of extreme caution i presume. >> that's correct. what you have saw them down throw up perimeter security to make sure no other threat factors are able to get on to the airport. you are seeing the coordination with the various law enforcement agencies. you can be assured in the crisis response centers there are other federal law enforcement agencies represented and they are analyzing intelience and all manner of information to determine if it is an isolated threat or they need to take broader steps in the system and
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to los angeles. >> tom blank on the line, former deputy administrator of the tsa. information coming from knbc west coast flag ship station of npc. nick pugh said we were standing there and someone started shooting and i heard a total of 8 or 10 shots. details regarding the status of the gunmen was not available. he was shot in the leg and put in custody. he ran across the tarmac and put on the ground in cuffs. just as our friend from fox sports was able to get on the tarm acto escape everything, bill rider, so was the gunman. he ran across the tarm acand put on the ground and cuffed. could he have gotten to the tarmac from the area before the
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screening stations? that would be a difficult task. i am not sure that that is how things work there and access before the screening in most airports. that is a matter of reporting later. it is one of the first questions. authorities are coming together here and trying to give an explanation of what it is they have seen. going back to tom blank, this is not going to be a quick process here, tom? >> no tis not a quick process. to the point you were making an airport or airline worker may have access to the tarm acas opposed to the passenger that would have to go through the screening checkpoint, but unfortunately we have an incident of this magnitude and there are going to be delays and rescreen all of the passengers. they will have to take the dogs down and sniff for explosives and and manner of things to get back to a normal security status. >> i am sure of that, tom.
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terminals 2 and 3, they closed down, everybody will have to be rescreened and then i am presuming more to it than that. they will have to check, depending on whether he got through security. >> depending on security. and with a weapon. in other words, if he had gotten through security and they suspected you know, that something was missed and they department know there was an actual threat they may have dispatched a team to look for that v.ed but this situation indicates that the weapon was used by the security risk and whether that was through security or before we don't know yet. >> yeah, i got a couple of more confirmations of reports we were making earlier. the airport confirmed that indeed, all outgoing flights are for now cancelled because of this incident. and in addition, we know that
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six la pd helicopters hovering over lax in tight formation. they are doing surveillance and visual to make sure there is no one else. >> that is what they are doing again, part of the over all airport security program and sharing pictures and giving you positive reports and trying to headache an assessment of an isolated incident or others involved. >> we have just gotten from the fa a public affairs that there was a full ground stop were not accurate. and i said they stopped all of terminal two on and three shut down. outgoing flights are halted but the manner of all stop is not true. as witnessed by our own adam house loo -- houseley. some flights are coming in.
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if you are not going near terminal two, why not let you go a head and land. and some flights are coming in from long-distances and planes may be low on fuel. because of the low fuel situation you have to send them down lower to the other airports and that causes rerouting problems that the airport decided not necessary. no reason to believe that someone not needing terminal 2 or 3 would be a threat. but terminal 2 or 3 are down for a count for a while. adapt houseley. live with us on the phone. what are you seeing? >> we don't have him at this moment. we have live pictures with ambulances still making their way to the scene. john glenn, what was that? >> we have, what do you have here. >> a photo of a rifle on the ground. ryan you got it. >> the person in the airport in
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lax. tweeted out this photo and said there appears to be a rifle and police are gaurgd it at the moment. >> it is on the tarmac because we know ha the gunman himself was wrestleed to the ground on the tarmac and it was there on the tarmac cuffed and taken away. >> rather than getting in procedure, why don't you nail and confirm for us what we are trying to report and piece together by the way of victims and number of people wounded and the shooter? >> everything is prelimary right now, jeff. 9:30 this morning there was a shooting in and around terminal three. my understanding that that suspect is in custody and our understanding is that we have two possibly three people that were wounded or injured as a result. >> and that is correct. the gunman shot in the leg and
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one other person shot bel to be a tsa agent and the other two injured it is our early belief of ours in the news deck may have gotten injured trying to escape. whether they were shot or not are mains to be scene. we have two eyewitnesss accounts of shots numbers between 8- 10 shots heard. trust me, there is no way to know if that is contributing or not. because of a custices one gun shot may sound like 2 or 3. and you might miss some. and your brain doesn't register. but two separate reports of 8- 10 shots fired. and adam, what are you seeing? >> terminal two, there is a plethora of law enforcement and fire trucks and bomb squad flew by me. three injures and you are correct. three injuries.
10:37 am
they will not say if one is the gunmen or not. but at that point, three down is what they said. the bomb squad flew by here. it is quite chaotic. you have to walk a mile and hampto get here. and people are walking out of lax. and there is a tweet here. over to the right the bomb squad brought in and saw it from the helicopter shot or not. they are brought in. and not taking it lightly at all. they pushed everybody back around and the air traffic is shut down. some planes are allowed to lapd. air china came in and i assume that had to do with fuel reserve and landing on the north side of the terminal. and the good news, all of the other terminals seem to be cleared. i walk by one southwest and u.s. airways and people are lined up everywhere.
10:38 am
and a lot of people walking away with their baggage. you can see them walking away. there is a significant evacuation of all of the area around terminal two, and at this point people going to the parking garage. it up up and down. departing on the upper level and picked up on the lower level and in the middle of the horse shoe if you would is where all of the remote parking is. i am talking to the media. >> thank you very much. >> we have an urgent in from los angeles and this is from the fa a confirming our report. that the fa a stopped all flights preparing to take off from los angeles international airport. this means any flight across the united states that was planning to go to los angeles, has now been stopped from leaving. if you have a friend or relative
10:39 am
in the united states headed to lax that friend or relative is not going. that is just in from the fa a. tom lags on is in the airport. and he saw the shooter, is that right, shooter? >> i got a glimpse of a man walking around with a long appeared to be a shotgun. >> what was he wearing? >> he was wearing a flannel like a darker flannel baggy clothes. younger person. >> he was wearing cammo? >> yeah, it could have been really been. you know, it was one of those you know, soon as everybody stampeded out on the tarmac. no one knew what was going on. >> was this person inside of the secower area? >> oh, yeah. >> he would have had to pass security. >> he was well deep in the terminal. >> what terminal were you in >> terminal two. >> terminal two?
10:40 am
>> they say virgin america terminal and we were waiting for my flight. >> terminal 2 and 3 connect. how long had you been there, tommy? >> we got here early this morning, because our flight was delayed to newark. >> and tommy, how would you describe the way people reacted to this? >> very scared stampede and everyone was in a rush and all at ounce and heading to the terminal. and everybody reaction was to hit the ground and again no one knew what was going on. someone opened the door to the tarmac and fsh exited the tarm ac. >> how sure are you that the person was inside of the secure area. >> 100. >> 100. >> and tommy lags on. did you have friends family with you? >> my wife was with me.
10:41 am
we are on the way to new york for the new york city marathon. >> it will be a difficult task to get to new york. >> one more thing, did you so anybody injured? >> i did not. no one was injured. >> good luck getting back east for the marathon in new york city. and a lot of people heading this way from points all over the world. that is our first eyewitness report. tommy lags on 100 percent sure that the shooter he saw was inside of the secure area. getting to liz now on who is live there now. what have you seen? >> we are sitting on a plane right now and we are asked to get on a bus and secure location. we are supposed to take off around 9:50 and they told us that there was a shooting and we were to remain on the plane. >> liz, we are showing a picture. you are sitting on the wing and
10:42 am
this is pictures out of the window, correct? >> they were taking people out of the terminal and they were walking behind our plane and standing against a concrete wall and now buses are taking them away. i would say probably most of those people are gone now. but we are still sitting there and now we are asked to deplane. looks like we will be here for a while. >> i am confident you will. virgin atlantic is terminal three. >> southwest is terminal one. >> and so now terminal one as well. liz, good luck to you and safe travel. we knew terminal 2 and 3 are shut down. no traffic is taking off from lax. this is our third confirmation that people on planes, everybody had been screens and the plane was secured and waiting to take off in lax and were not allowed to take off and no flights going
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out. these passengers will be taken in and rescreened and put on buss and they will wait until there is a semblance of normal see tlo. it is 42 minutes past the hour in los angeles. for those of you joining us. a gun men entered the terminal 2 or 3. we don't know if that person got past security. but we have a eyewitness account that suggest he did and began shooting up the place. we have confirmed now the shooter shot in the leg and taken into custed ony and put in cuffs and on the ground and on the tarmac outside of the terminal and taken away. transportation security agent was shot and that is confirmed by the tsa. we don't know if it is it a man or woman or condition of that person. and in addition. we know a third person was injured. the police report three people
10:44 am
down. when they say three people down in cop speak that means three people shot. but it is certainly possible, since we don't have confirmation. we'll not say otherwise. it is possible they could be injured trying to evacuate. we have new pictures that came in and they are over here with ryan. they are coming in quickly now. but we have to get them confirmed and permission. what are we seeing. >> our witness in lax evacuated from the terminal and that officer told him to step around bullet casing and blood. >> right where it happen. there was a rifle on the ground and it looks like an official is taking photos of the potential evidence. we are working to confirm that. he's being evacuated. >> this is a good photo. normally, they create a perimeter around the crime scene and take pictures of the
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entire crime scene and buns they are taken they will move in closer and closer. and the police are standing over it to get. >> you say bullet casings and blood. >> that's what the witness said. step around the evidence. he named bullet casings and blood. >> this looks like gate 36 or 38. but that would be more evident to us with the weapon here and presumably the person doing the shooting at one point in here went out on the tarmac he was cuffed and taken away. he was inside of the security. i harped on this a long time because that could affect security in airports in the nation. a tsa agent was injured and shot. is it possible that the person who had the weapon came through the security checkpoint and ended up shooting the tsa agent. that is possible and we don't
10:46 am
know or how the tsa agent was shot and injured. our los angeles based correspondent is in terminal two as we watch chopper three flying over the area. this is off of the property of lax. and this looks like the area that leads up to. it it could be making a land nothing a trauma center there. and this life flight helicopter there, they are essential to getting people around in los angeles when injured. la is a difficult, difficult area to drive on, and the life flight helicopters are essential in saving people's lives. we'll continue to watch this. these pictures courtesy of kabc. and william, what are you seeing in terminal two? >> right now i am with audry and mark henry. and they were 100 feet where the shots were fired.
10:47 am
>> yes, that's right. >> reporter: tell me what you heard and saw. >> we had our belongings on the belt to be scanned and we heard about eight gunshots fired right down in the bottom of the escalator and we were up one floor going through security and after those, and heard the shots, they were close and in the base of the escalator, we all hit the deck. it was obvious what was going on and then we all just starting making our way through security and making our way down the terminal to get out of the building and so yeah, security, security is breached in the airport. >> you say like 30. >> as we were running, we continued to hear shots run ring out. 30 toelt. >> did you see anymore? >> no, my mother-in-law saw
10:48 am
muzzle flashes. we hit and ran. >> did you go out to the tarmac or fled. >> we fled. we were all running and tsa was running and everyone in our terminal was running and we ran down-and-out of the door and downstairs on to the tarmac and out on the underneath airplanes. we were fleeing and where do we go. keep running and just keep running. we didn't know where to go and ended up in another terminal and asking questions on what to do. and it was in a panic. >> i was surprised all of the tsa guys were running. they were not holding cover or nothing. that i saw. they were run nothing front of us and i would think they would be there to protect us. i am not sure if they are armed or not. i would think they would be. it was like a movie. >> it was surreal.
10:49 am
>> shots had taken place. >> before at check in in the gate. >> shepherd you are on speaker. >> i am just wondering to what degree of certainty he breached the security checkpoint. >> we never said he breached security, but there were gunshots on the floor below us before security. we were in the line of security, but everybody that was in the line waiting to go through tsa security, they stormed through the tsa security and we went out on the tarm ac. everyone was gone. it was an empty building behind the tsa checkpoint. >> and the thing is, all of the things that have not been screened breached. who knows what is in the line? >> where did they put you?
10:50 am
>> we ducked in terminal two. and everybody kept running and kept run asking we ran out of gas and ducked in with the workers. (inaudible) past. you guys hear the police in terminal two. we walked out. >> and we saw the police cars chasing down -- >> [ inaudible ] >> it flashed before your eyes. i'm shaking like a leaf. thankfully, they are not with us today. that would have been a whole other story. our in laws are actually flying today and we don't know where they are at right now. and my father in law [ inaudible ] >> i want to let our viewers now that the president has been informed and jay carney is speaking at the white house right now.
10:51 am
>> are you speaking to countries and now they have left this subject. moments ago, this is from our correspondents that are in the white house briefing. the question is any sense of what happened? >> the answer was the president was briefed on the incident. we are in touch of federal almost agents on the ground. lapd is leading the response. when i did that, it powered through. we also have an eyewitness account who was on the ground and saw much of this. the person's name is brian atomic. he was boarding a spirit airlines gate 32. the 30s gates are all there
10:52 am
together. we saw the spot where it was on the ground. this witness was at 43. imagine a rounded area. circular area with gates all around the circle he said he was getting ready to fly to chicago for his brother's wedding. away from the secured area. he went through an emergency exit to the tarmac i heard two gunshots from the same area where the people had been running and screaming. when he got outside he said buses showed to help evacuate passengers. he saw the wounded tsa agent. he said the man's ankle was bloody. the man told him i got shot i'm fine. he told passengers not to worry about him and that he had been
10:53 am
shot before. that is our first information about the condition of the tsa agent. he was shot in the lower extremities and told the other passengers that he was fine. one quick update, there are dozens and dozens of planes that are loaded with people who cannot take off right now. they are being held on the airplanes. they are bringing buses into try to take them off the planes. nick pue is on the line with us. a witness who says he was right there and somebody was shooting on the escalate ter. >> i guy shot probably ten times. it sounded like an assault rifle, i'm doing an interview
10:54 am
right now i guess. i escaped out the back emergency exit onto the tarmac and ran away. and i was probably one of the first people out and then the cops put me down on the ground and -- >> put you down on the ground? >> yeah, and then basically they probably thought i was the shooter or something like that. >> so what you are saying is that the authorities took you to the ground? >> yeah. >> that must have been a hell of a thing for you. what are you thinking at that moment? >> um, i'm being -- [ inaudible ] >> i'm on a camera here. i don't know if you want to interview. there are a lot of fox stations. stay with us if you would please. when you were down on the ground what did authorities say to you? >> they wanted to make sure i wasn't the shooter they
10:55 am
handcuffed me and said don't move. i laid there for about ten minutes and i was close to where the guy was shooting and everybody tried to run toward security and you couldn't go back down because he was shooting. >> we have you on camera now. turn to the camera if you would and we will be able to talk to you there. so at that point they were trying to figure out if you were the shooter? >> i think absolutely. i think they thought whatever. the man in front of you is william, with the curly hair. william, go for it. >> can i put the phone down? >> william, go ahead. >> keep the phone. >> okay i'll keep the phone. >> if you can hear shepherd. >> you are hot. >> he is talking to you. >> okay. >> you can put the phone down sir. >> tell me now, you are down on the ground and they think it is
10:56 am
you so, let me ask you, you heard the shots did you see anybody? >> i didn't actually see the shooter, i could see flashing or smoke we were right above on a overhead mezanine and he was on the lower level where the baggage check in would have been. and i had walked into the main security line and then he started shoot. >> so he came up to the second level? >> no, he was on the lower level. he was at the base and there was nowhere to go. there was an emergency exit and they all, i thought we are going to goat pin ped between the tsa and the shooter and i was out on the tarmac. >> i think a few other female did and not a whole flood at first. i saw the other people coming out of the main terminal area
10:57 am
where the planes were. >> the shooting took place on the other side of it. and in fact it happened on the lower level not level two. >> correct, correct, yes. it was not on the upper level. the shooter was not on the inside of the security. >> how many shots did you hear? >> 8 or 10. >> did you hear any return fire from the cops? >> no, not right away. i was out of there pretty quick. >> i got it. >> i basically ran i thought if there is a bomb or something else i wanted to get out. >> what were you feeling? >> i was scared. adrenalin, i don't know just run like hell. >> i'm told that some people went right through tsa security. they are not going to get caught in between. >> you know what, if i had been further down in the line i would have probably down the same thing. >> when you guys got done where
10:58 am
did they put you? >> i was probably in a different place than everybody else, i ran from terminal three to two and i was lying on the ground under two and the cops said get into a secure area. i ended up in terminal two and now i'm being brought out with everybody. >> what is your name? >> i'm nick. >> where were you on your way to? >> new york city to see my brother run the mayor thon. >> it is going to be a while. >> we will send it back to you. >> thank you. we have been watching the live pictures from above with person after person carrying his or her bags and i'm guessing trying to figure out okay, where do we go now? >> it is my understanding that some of these people are folks who are at lax for a transfer. you transfer to another plane. so, i don't know where those
10:59 am
people will go. they say they will take care of everybody's needs. we have gotten a tweet from the los angeles times. the shooter was a young, white male with a rifle type gun walking calmly through terminal three. we've gotten reports from people inside terminal two who said they saw a shooter that we've checked that man out. the story was whether he was correct about what terminal he was in. waiting for more information about the authorities there. sounds as if the threat is over. los angeles police saying there were multiple victims in here. we've confirmed, well we'll get to that as station as long the way join us in a moment. this happened at 9:30 local time
11:00 am
in los angeles. we are still waiting for the first on camera police spokesman to give us a status update. it is a very, very large area. >> it is 2:00 on the east coast. 11:00 am on the west coast. this is continuing cue ining co breaking news. first, we know that at 9:30 this morning, a gunman is said to have walked into terminal three at los angeles international airport with a rifle or shotgun. fired off a number of shots. some witnesses say 8 to 10 and others say as many as 30.

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